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In one of the treatments "Legends of Doctor Faust" is mentioned a "time vehicle", which runs from the Helen of Troy of Mephistopheles. However, the ship was also not a machine and moved by a special sails which time only the wind could inflate. The work of the Russian writer AF Veltman "Ancestors Kalimerosa" (1836) describes carrying the main character in the past fi hippogriff - it is sometimes treated as a "biological" prototype of a time machine. In 1887, the Spanish writer Enrique Gaspar and Rimbau (App.) Russian. published in Barcelona novel «El anacronópete» (neologism 'flying time to meet "), in which the device for the first time appears to move in time. Later this idea became widely known with the release in 1895 of the novel by HG Wells 'The Time Machine ", which was preceded by a short story of Wells' time Argonauts", published in 1888. According to a new topic of time travel in the middle of the twentieth century comprehend Isaac Asimov's novel The End of Eternity, and Paul Anderson in "Patrol time". The theory [citation needed | edit wiki text] In 1948, Kurt Gödel found a solution composed by Einstein's gravitational field equations describing a rotating universe. Traveling in space such a universe, an astronaut can achieve their past. In such a universe, the light (and therefore a causal relationship between the objects) will be involved in a rotary motion, which will describe the trajectory of material objects, closed not only in space but also in time. Gödel's decision to set aside as a purely mathematical construct - in the end, there is no evidence that our entire universe revolves. Nevertheless Gödel obtained results showed that the theory of relativity does not exclude